Identity w/ L. Roy & Sydnee


L. Roy, 26

Events Manager from Oxnard, CA

How has your identity impacted your creativity?

The mold of what America has shaped for Black womxn, Queer people...that is a mold that suffocated me for far too long. I embrace the intersections of who I am at all times because to leave parts of myself behind to "fit in" is ultimately me shrinking my brilliance. I, unapologetically, show up as my most authentic self everyday which allows me to be my most creative self. I don't know how else to be at this point in my life. Living out my truth inspires my creativity everyday. The unique perspectives I have impact my creativity in many ways; I'm always thinking things like: "What hasn't been done before?" "What do I want to see more of?" "What has been [or tried to be] erased?" Thinking through that perspective always allows my creativity to highlight the Black queer experience that is often dismissed or overlooked.

Where does your light come from and how do you keep it bright?

My light comes from choosing to let my ancestor's guide me through this lifetime instead of letting society "guide me" by trying to tell me who I should be. The times I would listen to society, those are times I lost my light. I don't let the weight of the world get to me. When I think about how many people came before me and fought for me to be here, I understand that my existence is intentional and powerful and I let my light shine BRIGHT.


Sydnee, 25

Office Manager from Moreno Valley, CA

How does your identity impact your creativity?

My identity as a black, bisexual (surprise!) woman impacts my creativity because it shapes how I see and show up in the world which in turn impacts the kind of art I create. From giving my perspective on a variety of topics on my podcast, The Flow Up, to the stories I tell in songwriting, my identity is the center of my creativity.

Where does your light come from and how do you keep it bright?

My light comes from multiple sources: God, love, connection, sensitivity, art and self. My mom is my entire nana, my papa, my two sisters, whom I adore, they are my “why”...the center of my being, why I do what I do and why I strive to become the person that I’m destined by God to be. My light also comes from the love that I have learned and fought to give myself and to others, openly and freely. My journey of self-healing and self-discovery, and the way I move through both, are shaping me everyday. I pray, I meditate,

Ashley Nash