Phlox Magazine is a collection of feature stories about women of color. Our content tells stories of individuals across the spectrum and every background who let their light shine bright despite the discrimination faced for simply being a woman of color. For us, the term ‘phlox’ has three meanings. The first meaning is that we are a ‘flock’, a collective of women across the world that are doing the work to change our narrative as individuals and as a unit. The second meaning comes from the Greek definition of ‘phlox’ which translates to ‘flame’, not only representing our inner light, but also how passionate we are about making change. And the last meaning, but certainly not least, is based on the actual plant: the perennial, ground-covering, sun-loving flower that ranges in shape, size and color. Much like the term’s diversity, our magazine will serve you content that’s inclusive, fiery and unique - just like you.